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Superman gets a new costume and an unstable new power this week

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Superman is getting a makeover this week, including an updated costume and a mysterious new ability.

The Man of Steel's new look begins Wednesday, Feb. 4, in Superman #38, which will conclude the "Men of Tomorrow" storyline. Written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Klaus Janson and John Romita Jr., the $4.99 issue will make its changes when "Clark Kent tells his true identity to one of the cast," according to the issue's official DC Comics page.

Superman's new outfit, which you can see below courtesy of Comic Vine, retains the look and feel of his classic uniform — with the notable exception of what look like fashionable fingerless gloves.

In an interview with USA Today, Johns said that Kal-El's curious new ability is "definitely the most destructive power Superman has" and that its might will have repercussions.

"It's not going to be suddenly he can levitate things," Johns said. "It's something that is going to be very unstable and something that Superman's going to have to deal with for quite a while."

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