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Blindfolded gamer goes undefeated through Punch-Out!! — including Mike Tyson

At Awesome Games Done Quick 2014, a blindfolded run through Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! made for some of the most spellbinding video games theater people would see the rest of the year. But the challenger, Sinister1, didn't defeat the title star, the game's ultimate boss.

At the time Sinister1 noted that doing so was extremely difficult because Tyson's attacks are launched at random. Well, now another blindfolded Punch-Out!! artist, Jack Wedge, has pulled off an undefeated run through the game's entire roster, including a three-round decision over Kid Dynamite himself. Watch all 14 wins above.

Wedge is playing Punch-Out!! on a Wii via emulation. He said he was advised by a colleague to "stop being a hero," and simply throw punches, block, and work time off the clock.

Wedge didn't go for a TKO (nor did he get one), but after landing his second knockout in the third round, he's assured of winning by decision — if he can correctly guess in which direction to avoid Tyson's punches for the next 30 or so seconds.

Wedge says he'll make an attempt on a console "as [soon] I get my NES and Tyson cart back." But after this, what's left, really? Beating Mike Tyson blindfolded while using a Power Glove? Someone will think of something.

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