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Watch our team of brave heroes become paranoid wrecks in Darkest Dungeon

Though they're certainly not inviting, spike-filled pits and knee-high spiders aren't the leading cause of death in Darkest Dungeon. What's going to kill your four-hero party in this dungeon-crawling RPG — and kill them often, without mercy — is stress. See too much gnarly stuff when you're below ground, or take too many big hits, and your stress levels will rise, sending you into wholly uncooperative states. Like Paranoia, which causes you to tell your teammates about their imminent doom. Or Selfishness, where you sneak into the rear of your party, formation strategies be damned.

Check out the Overview above to see Darkest Dungeon, which is out now on Steam Early Access, in action. Things don't go well! Don't do what we did.

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