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Saved by the Bell cast reunites with Jimmy Fallon, come fill your eyes with nostalgia

They started with Good Morning, Miss Bliss in grade school and moved on to Saved by the Bell in high school. To continue their education, they left home for The College Years.

But last night, on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Zack, Kelly and the gang came back to Bayside High.

The skit was the culmination of a desire that goes back to 2009, when Fallon dreamed of a reunion and fans started signing petitions. It came back in bits and pieces, like when Mark-Paul Gosselaar reprised his role as Zack Morris for a skit a few years ago. But the cast never got back together on the show, until now. And it is every bit as hokey and self-referential as the original Saved by the Bell.

If you're a child of the '90s, press play above to squee. If you're not , this is basically what it'd be like if NSYNC got back together, I guess? It's hard to keep up with the kids and their rock 'n' roll  music.

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