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The latest Furious 7 trailer makes Tokyo Drift look like Pride and Prejudice

The Fast and Furious series has become completely unglued. The first film was a fun, and often silly, action film, but with Furious 7 there's no longer any attempt to pretend that this isn't pure ridiculous action, and I mean that in the nicest possible way.

This is a world where grenades just kind of throw you out a window, and you'll be fine as long as you land on a car. Driving to heists is bullshit, you have to get into the car and then drive out of a plane first. And of course buses are loaded with remote-controlled miniguns. Our heroes are fighting a villain whose first reaction to Vin Diesel driving a car out of one skyscraper, through the air and then into another one is to fire rockets at him. The Rock fires a gun that makes him look small. It's all held together by the logic of a metalhead's Wite-Out-soaked Trapper Keeper.

Listen, this looks like the best thing in a long time, and it's pretty great that we can still have action movies that completely fail to take anything seriously at all. Furious 7 is coming April 2015

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