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Bungie gives House of Wolves a launch window, says more Destiny coming this fall

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Bungie says the next expansion for Destiny, the House of Wolves add-on, is coming sometime during the second quarter of this year — between April 1 and June 30. Bungie and publisher Activision also hinted that a "major content release" will follow House of Wolves sometime in 2015.

"We're keeping all other details under wraps for now," Bungie community manager David "DeeJ" Dague wrote in a Bungie weekly update. "There is a special team here that's dedicated to creating some new ways for you to play Destiny. They're also making the game you know a better reflection of what we've learned about you since you've started playing. While they do their thing, we'll walk the fine line between making you a part of the process and providing them with a safe place to explore possibilities and do their best work."

Added Dague, "And on a long enough timeline, we'll also talk about what we're planning for this Fall."

In an investor call, Activision referred to a "major content release coming in 2015" for Destiny, which now boasts 16 million registered users.

In Bungie's original contract with Activision, the developer was obligated to release a downloadable expansion, codenamed "Comet," in the years between major Destiny game releases.

Details on the House of Wolves expansion were prominently leaked earlier this week in a series of images that showed off some of the content — guns, armor, missions — coming in Destiny's second expansion. The leak also pointed to a possible May 19 release date for the expansion. When those images circulated on Reddit, Bungie urged caution about specific details culled from the leak, saying House of Wolves was still under development and that it was still subject to change.

"Any stats or assumptions about power or impact or handsomeness are months old, and do not reflect the things that we're doing to adapt to what you've taught us about Destiny. There is a process here, and you're a part of it," Dague said.

"All we ask is that you leave your mind open to the evolutions that are inevitable. What you see here are very old ghosts from our pre-launch database. These are not the necessarily wolves you're looking for."

House of Wolves is the second of two announced expansions for Destiny. The first, The Dark Below, was released in December.

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