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PayDay 2 will reward players who help fuel the Hype Train this March

PayDay 2 is getting its 17th piece of downloadable content this March, alongside a new goal-based community event called "The Hype Train," developer Overkill announced.

The latest DLC, called The Overkill Pack, features a new minigun, three minigun mods, a rocket launcher, an escape van skin, a mask and 10 new achievements. Additionally, anyone who pre-ordered the pack on Steam between Feb. 5 and March 12 will receive three gallons of "Hype Fuel" to power your Hype Train.

The Hype Train is a community event that sees players contribute fuel to reach particular destinations, stretch goals or to unlock free content including new heists, enemies and character packs. Players will need to contribute anywhere between 200,000 to 2 million gallons of fuel for a particular goal, with the final stop  a PayDayCon in L.A. to be unlocked at the 2 million gallon mark.

This will end with the upcoming Spring Break event, set to run between March 13-21, at which point the unlocked content will be awarded to all PayDay 2 players.

The Overkill Pack launches on March 21 and can currently be pre-ordered on Steam for $5.

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