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The first Poltergeist trailer provides the scares, but few updates to original formula

The original Poltergeist was an amazing horror movie. It didn't feature traditional monsters, and the victims of the film did little to warrant the hell they were put through.

The film was also effective at tapping into any number of suburban fears from the early 80s, from child abduction to the illusion of comfort the suburbs themselves offered. It was the picture of an American family dealing with the unknown, and then being thrown into the deep end of the supernatural when they have to do battle with evil spirits in their house.

Go watch it again if you haven't seen it in a while, the film holds up wonderfully.

The trailer for the rebooted version of the film looks great, as a horror movie, but I wonder if the creative team is going to be as effective at digging into our current fears about the American family.

That being said, screw that clown. When the trailer itself is this effective at the surface scares it's hard not to be excited about the finished product.