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Star Citizen's $110 starships were meant to fly

Chris Roberts' Star Citizen, the spiritual successor to the Wing Commander series, is a massive crowdfunding success, but its long development cycle and ever-expanding list of features has had some backers concerned. Our first week with the game was spent ironing out bugs and learning to fly all over again, but now we're fully engaged in combat. So far, it's spectacular.

After all this time in the cockpit, it's beginning to look like Star Citizen has a good chance of living up to fans' lofty expectations. Charlie Hall invited Ben Kuchera to tag along for a quick ride through a combat simulation.

The price of admission right now is $45. That gets you the equivalent of a space truck and access to Star Citizen's Arena Commander dogfighting module. This Anvil Aerospace F7C Hornet starfighter, however, is an extra $110 add-on. But is it ever fun to fly.

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