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The Witness is '10x bigger than Braid,' creator says

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Jonathan Blow, the creator of the highly anticipated puzzle game The Witnesstweeted last night that he did a speed run through his game and figures it will be 10 times larger than his last work, Braid.

The Witness is not complete, Blow reminded, and still has no specific release date. Still, his remarks gathered plenty of attention because it points to a game that is close to being finished.

Blow live-tweeted a speedrun of the game and said it took about 380 minutes to reach 100 percent completion. For purposes of comparison, Blow said:

Blow later mentioned that may change as work continues on the game, but it gives a good idea of its depth.

The Witness' development dates back to late 2008, following Blow's extremely successful release of Braid. The Witness does not have a specific release date but it is expected to launch sometime this year on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and iOS.

Blow recently told Engadget that he's had to borrow "a bunch of money to finish The Witness," noting that even with Braid's acclaim it doesn't generate enough income to fund development nearly seven years after its release.

For more on The Witness, see Polygon's interview with Blow from E3 2014.

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