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Braid creator is sacrificing his indie fortune to make The Witness

Game developer Jonathan Blow is sacrificing his Braid fortune to continue work on his upcoming project The Witness, he tells Engadget.

The 2008 indie hit is no longer receiving enough in sales to sustain Blow's latest puzzle game, the developer says. Blow spent roughly $200,000 throughout the creation of Braid before eventually becoming a millionaire following the game's release on Windows PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

"Braid still sells well on platforms that are thriving, but two of Braid's big platforms were the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, both of which are sunsetting at this point," Blow said. In 2012, the developer confirmed he would be using finances gained from sales of Braid to fund his next project. He has since had to borrow money to continue developing The Witness as a result of slowing sales on these platforms, he says.

"Not so many people are buying digital games there, so the Braid income is not nearly enough any more to fund the team," continues Blow. "I have borrowed a bunch of money to finish The Witness. So I hope when it's done, some people buy the game."

The Witness is being developed for iOS, Windows PC and PlayStation 4, with no launch date announced as of yet. Last night, Blow confirmed he did a speedrun through his game and figures it will be 10 times larger than his last work. According to Blow, the speedrun took about 380 minutes to reach 100 percent completion.

For more on The Witness, see Polygon's interview with Blow from E3 2014.

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