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The makers of Contrast are trading jazz for psychedelic drugs in their next game

Compulsion Games has released two new stills from its follow-up to the 2013 indie release Contrast.

The studio's as-of-yet untitled project features an eerie psychedelic style. The first image, which you can check out above and below, shows a young woman sporting a 1960s beehive and face painted like a mime. The second image  also below  looks like a scene out of a semi-futuristic English village, including bunting and Tudor-styled architecture as well as what looks like a circular communication device to the left of the picture.

So far Compulsion remains mum about the new project, saying only that it will not be a sequel and that it will instead involve "masks, drugs and memory loss." According to the post, more information planned to be made public later this month.

The studio's earlier game Contrast follows a girl named Didi and her imaginary friend Dawn, an acrobatic woman with the power to move through shadows. The PlayStation 4 edition was released in November, 2013. For more on the game, check out our review.



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