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This is what Xbox One screenshots look like

Microsoft has the elusive screenshot feature running on Xbox One, according to a tweet from Xbox head Phil Spencer.

Spencer used his Xbox One development kit to take a screenshot of the console's operating system. It appears from the image above that the feature resides in the menu invoked when you double-tap the controller's Xbox button.

In response to subsequent tweets, Spencer said that the feature is "one of the top requests" from users and that "UI and activation is all debug right now."

If it remains the same when it exits beta, taking a screenshot will be the latest feature invoked by double-tapping the controller's Xbox button. In a monthly software update last July, Microsoft added the ability to switch between snapped applications when users double-tap the glowing button.

Spencer has spoken about adding a screenshot feature to the Xbox One for some time. In response to a question on Twitter last May, he wrote that it was in "the list" for monthly system updates. In an interview last October, Spencer said that Microsoft engineers were wrestling with the "technically challenging" addition.

Microsoft's current-gen console competitor, Sony's PlayStation 4, launched at the same month as the Xbox One and has included a screenshot feature since then.

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