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Watch teens explore the triumphs and many, many failures of the Power Glove

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The Power Glove is remembered by many as one of the greatest failures for the Nintendo Entertainment System, but today's youth is less familiar with its glorious flop. A new "Teens React" video from TheFineBros on YouTube rights that — and allows us to watch.

The accessory was released in 1989  for the NES and allowed users to play games without a controller by moving their fingers. Although the video's teens are initially excited by the idea — weren't we all in 1989? — they quickly find that it's not quite as practical as it sounds. Excitement turns to frustration, and eventually a lot of aimless arm wagging.

Watch the video above to see it all play out, and maybe even take a minute to reminisce about childhood movie The WizardFor once, teens, we share your confusion and disappointment.