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A survival game that riffs on The Thing

Mojo Bones' upcoming survival game Impact Winter gives strong vibes for John Carpenter's 1982 horror classic The Thing. Set in a post-apocalyptic Canada, Impact Winter is a survival title "heavily influenced by games like Don't Starve, Fallout 3 and Oregon Trail," according to the developers. Players will take the role of the leader of a small band of survivors, and are tasked with making it through 30 tense days of scavenging, exploring and keeping your crew together.

The atmosphere screams The Thing, down to the pulsing soundtrack by Mitch Murder and the white-out snowscapes. No word yet on whether there's a mutated monstrosity hanging out among the survivors, though.

Following an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign last fall, The game was greenlit on Steam on Feb 6.

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