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How to predict Destiny's future

Over the past few weeks, Reddit user megamanexe4 has posted leaked information about Destiny's upcoming House of Wolves expansion. Following the initial House of Wolves leaks, the same redditor shared accurate predictions about this week's Nightfall strike and Xur's inventory, as well as some information about the upcoming Iron Banner events.

It was also confirmed that the predetermined inventory for Xur can be altered, so while these predictions have been accurate, there is no guarantee Bungie won't change things up for the future.

The consistent accuracy of the predictions inspired other Reddit users to discuss the exact method used to find this data, and today Reddit user WMUKirk has posted an in-depth guide on using a process called "packet sniffing" to mine the information.

Packet sniffing works by intercepting data the game sends over your network, and using a tool called a hex editor to read that information. It's a complex process and you can read the full guide over at Reddit, but follow it at your own risk.

We've reached out to Bungie for comment and will update this post with any reply we receive.

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