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First game for Valve's VR device is an immersive recreation of ... a job

Valve's virtual reality device has a name and now it has a game. It's a virtual reality simulation of having a job, basically.

Owlchemy Labs just put out this very brief look at Job Simulator for the Vive, a collaboration between Valve and HTC that was formally announced today. Like much of what's been done in VR to date, it looks like a proof of concept, though it is an amusing concept. The Vive will interact with other controllers and devices to allow users to manipulate objects in virtual space, and Job Simulator appears to demonstrate that.

Why simulate blue-collar gigs in VR? Well, here's the premise: In the year 2050, robots have took er jerbs — specifically those in food service and housekeeping. Mankind's only remaining connection to the dignity of this work is through virtual reality. So here, splat some sriracha on that cut of meat, and remember the good ole days.

More seriously, "It's thrilling to play a part in the upcoming explosion of consumer VR," Owlchemy said in this post introducing Job Simulator, "and we're proud to add another amazing opportunity to the list by being one of only a few select developers building content for some of the most incredible VR hardware in the world."

Owlchemy touts its experience developing for VR — including Oculus Share's second-most downloaded game, the highest-grossing mobile VR game, and "one of the first and most downloaded VR games on Steam."

Jerb- uh, Job Simulator will be shown at Game Developers Conference 2015 this week, and Owlchemy promises more info in the coming days.

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