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Meet Hotline Miami 2's ensemble cast, and watch them kill hundreds of people

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number does a few things differently than its bloody predecessor, but the most jarring is how it splits the game's narrative up between nine viewpoints and fourteen playable characters. That not only leads to some fascinating non-linear storytelling, but also some major gameplay shifts. For instance, Evan is a writer who prefers not to kill his enemies, unless he accidentally does, which sends him into a bloody rage. Then there's Mark, who starts each level with two SMGs, which you can hold spread eagle and spin like a beautiful bullet sprinkler. So majestic!

You can familiarize yourself with some of this ensemble in the Overview video posted above. Hotline Miami 2 drops today on Steam, PS3, PS4 and PlayStation Vita — for more, be sure to check out our review!

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