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Logitech's new mouse aims to satisfy the demands of pro MOBA and FPS players

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Logitech's latest performance mouse is a little bit MOBA, a little bit FPS.

The Daedalus Apex G303 gaming mouse was born out of a blending of the best bits of Logitech's G302 multiplayer online battle arena mouse and its G502 Proteus Core mouse, popular with fans of first-person shooters.

The mouse, which launched last week for $69.99, combines the lightweight design and improved buttons of the G302 with the optical sensor technology of the G502.

Chris Pate, Logitech's product manager for gaming mice, said the new mouse came about thanks to their work with pro gamers.

"We worked with pro MOBA gamers to create a mouse that is light, flat and has an incredible button click feel," he said.

That led to the G302, a mouse that uses a small tension spring under the button keyplates to reduce the twang and play of a typical mouse button. Essentially, the spring pulls the mouse button down to on top of the microswitch, so when a person clicks, the button doesn't have to travel before engaging the switch.

"Most of what players are doing in League of Legends is right clicking to move your character around," Pate said. "The button experience was very important to MOBA playing."

And the G302 was a big hit with MOBA players. Then Logitech started distributing them to other pro teams they sponsor, getting them into the hands of people who play games like first-person shooter Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

"They all ended up switching to the new mouse right before Dreamhack," he said.

They also came back to Logitech with a request. They wanted to higher fidelity sensor of the Proteus Core in the redesigned body of the G302.

"When we launched [the G302] to the public they said the same thing," Pate said. "So we came up with this, an enthusiast edition of the G302."

The Daedalus Apex G303 has the better sensor (on-the-fly dpi switching from 200 to 12,000 with a USB report rate of one millisecond and zero smoothing or filtering), customizable LED lighting, more flexible cable and the form factor of the MOBA mouse.

"This is a project that was driven by specific feedback from both pro players and mainstream gamers," he said.

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