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Descent Underground Kickstarter reboots the PC gaming classic

The new Descent Underground Kickstarter campaign aims to reboot classic PC shooter Descent, and it's seeking $600,000 to do it

Four months ago, Eric "Wingman" Peterson left Cloud Imperium Games, the development studio behind crowd-funding poster child Star Citizen, a decision he explained in this Reddit post:

Frankly, it became an impossible task for Chris to manage his time and all the studios efficiently. So it was decided that for the good of the project we would need to consolidate the senior leads around Chris in the LA office.

Which brings us to here. The situation was pretty obvious, my position would need to be in the LA office.

Now Peterson is back with a new studio — the aptly named Descendent Studios — and a new project. Like Star Citizen, he's seeking crowd funding by appealing to fans of a seemingly forgotten golden age of PC gaming.

Descent was released in 1994, and distinguished itself from the army of so-called "Doom clones" with its unique fully 3D take on the first-person corridor crawler. Two sequels followed before the series disappeared.

Here's the new game's description:

Descent Underground is a first person vehicle shooter in the asteroid fields between Mars and Jupiter. It is 300 years in the future and Earth is overpopulated and running low on natural resources. Giant corporations have taken over the main governments and nationalistic pride is high amongst the people as a way of keeping them focused on enemies rather on the dire situation of rapidly declining resources.

Descent Underground will be powered by Unreal Engine 4 and, like the original series, feature a core multiplayer component. A $25 contribution nabs you a digital copy of the game, with an expected March 2016 release date. I suspect the following GIF will provide all the incentive needed for fans of the original series:

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