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Dying Light gets a new hard mode, free content and a tease of what's to come

Techland is rolling out an update for its zombie survival game Dying Light this week that adds a handful of new features, including a harder difficulty setting and new in-game items, as part of a free patch. The developer also teased today a few unannounced features, including what appears to be the ability to drive the game's dune buggies right into a horde of zombies.

Dying Light's hard mode patch comes with extra outfits for players to wear, more than 50 new weapons, like the Bone Splitter and Rune Hammer, and numerous gameplay tweaks and improvements, Techland says. The patch and its associated content will be available today, March 10, on all platforms throughout the Americas. This week's update drops for Xbox One and Windows PC gamers outside of the Americas tomorrow, March 11. PlayStation 4 players outside of the Americas get the content later this week on March 14.

For a look at how Dying Light's new hard mode makes the game more difficult — nights are longer, enemies are stronger and you'll heal slower — watch the video above.

The game's Ultimate Survivor bundle is also out today. It includes a handful of outfits — players can dress up like a ninja, thanks to the bundle — and new weapons. The Ultimate Survivor bundle costs $4.99/€4.99/£3.99 by itself and is included as part of Dying Light's season pass.

But wait ... there's more. Techland also teased some upcoming content in a new video in which the developer thanks fans and shows off what's to come in Dying Light. There's a peek at gameplay featuring a bow and arrow, what appears to be some action set inside a stadium and some vehicle racing.

For a look at that, check out the video below from YouTube user Ethan Shapiro.

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