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Meet iZombie, a new TV series from Vertigo Comics and the creator of Veronica Mars

In iZombie, Olivia "Liv" Moore, is a kind of zombie that retains their memories and willpower in undeath. She still needs to eat brains, though, so it's a good thing she's a coroner (in the Vertigo comic created by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred, she's a gravedigger), and each time she eats a brain she gets the dearly departed's memories.

Naturally, she uses this ability to fight crime. And yes, you read that right: She's a zombie named Live More.

The new series is coming at us very soon from Rob Thomas of Veronica Mars fame. You can catch its premiere on the CW on March 17. In the meantime, you can watch two clips from the pilot below. Remember: Chivalry is dead, but Clive is alive.

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