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Cards Against Humanity is free online starting this weekend

Cards Against Humanity will be free on smartphone, tablets and Windows PC this weekend following the launch of web app Cards Against OriginalityBusiness Insider reports.

Cards Against Originality features all original cards first made available in the cult party game, as well as its five expansion card sets. And it's legal. Under the original game's Creative Commons license, this web spin-off is allowed to exist as long as it's offered to the public at no price. As a result, similar web apps have been released including Xyzzy, a clone that is still in development.

The app, which is currently down but will be up and running over the weekend (according to Mashable), will generate a URL that you can use to invite other players. After this, the game plays just like the original card game.

In Cards Against Humanity, one player draws a black card with a question on it. Everyone else at the table plays a white card anonymously from their hand of answers. To win the round the asker must like your answer the best. For more check out our feature looking at the creation of the game and charting the trail of its creator Max Tempkin from the Obama campaign to Cards Against Humanity and beyond.

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