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Listen to Xenoblade Chronicles X's divisive battle music

Nintendo released a new video highlighting the battles of role-playing game Xenoblade Chronicles X to its YouTube channel this week, offering a look at some of the monster-slaying action coming in Monolith Soft's game. More importantly, the video gives us a taste of the Wii U game's soundtrack, specifically a divisive rap-rock tune from composer Hiroyuki Sawano.

Because it's associated with the new battle preview, some Xenoblade fans believe that this is the game's battle theme music. While it sounds inline with Xenoblade Chronicles X's announced soundtrack — you can hear some other tracks on the game's official Japanese website — it's not confirmed that this is the music we'll be hearing during each and every encounter.

Regardless of when and where we'll hear it, it's an ... interesting musical choice. Reaction has certainly been mixed.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is coming to Wii U in Japan on April 29. The role-playing game is expected to hit other regions sometime in 2015.

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