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Dreamfall Chapters' second chapter launches on Steam today

Dreamfall Chapters Book Two: Rebels launched on Steam today, Developer Ragnar Tornquist confirmed to us today.

The episodic follow-up to last year's Book One will release DRM-free to and the Humble store "shortly," but no exact release date has been announced as of yet. [Update: It's now out on these digital stores too.]

To play Book Two, users will need to have completed Book One. Likewise, it doesn't appear like you can purchase the episodic titles separately. In a statement written to Kickstarter funders of the game, Tornquist writes: "There's no way around this: we rely on all the choices you made in the first episode. If you've uninstalled and removed your game files, these must be restored before you can progress."

Dreamfall Chapters is next entry in The Longest Journey saga. Rebels continues the stories of Zoe Castillo and Kian Alvane, residents of twin worlds Stark and Arcadia, respectively. You can check out the teaser for it, which does include some spoilers from Book 1, recounts their journey thus far and hints at reckoning and redemption in future chapters.

For more on the first book of Dreamfall ChaptersReborn, check out our review. Here's a taste: "Dreamfall Chapters - Book 1: Reborn revels in the details. As the first act in a longer story to come, it rewards you with effective writing in the moment for taking your time and deliberating over the smallest decisions. It's still too early to tell how satisfying the payoff for these divergences will be, but Book 1 isn't about consequences. It's a series of small, deliberate steps that efficiently clears the way for longer, more exciting strides."

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