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Firefly stars raise $1.6 million in two days for new show, release first 5-minute teaser

Firefly stars Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk asked for $425,000 two days ago to fund three episodes of a ten-minute comedy series about actors who once worked on a science fiction show together and now spend time at conventions. You should always write what you know, after all.

The project has already drawn in a little under $1.6 million in funding, smashing through almost all of the stretch goals and allowing them to create many more episodes than originally planned. They've released a short teaser of what the show will look like to celebrate the funding success and the show is surprisingly funny. You can take a look yourself above.

Also, at the $1.7 million level Alan Tudyk has to read everyone's name in a video. With over 22,000 people funding the show already ... that's a very long video. Assuming two seconds or so per name, poor Tudyk has around 12 hours of reading ahead of him.

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