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Here's the opening prayer for Tecmo Super Bowl's world championship

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Bo Jackson is without a doubt the baddest man in Tecmo Super Bowl. There is no further discussion. The Second Baddest Man of Tecmo Super Bowl, however, is Lawrence Taylor, the New York Giants linebacker. Likewise, there is no discussion.

Do you dispute this? Well, allow me to retort.

As I mentioned last week, every Tecmo Madison tournament — this is effectively the world championship of Tecmo Super Bowl — begins with a reading from "The Book of LT." Over the past decade, that was Taylor's autobiography, LT: Over the Edge: Tackling Quarterbacks, Drugs and a World Beyond Football (with Steve Serby).

Published in 2003, it turns out that is actually the New Testament of Tecmo Super Bowl. The Old Testament is LT: Living on the Edge (with David Falkner) from 1987. Here is tournament co-founder Josh Holzbauer reading from both.

Let us pray. (NSFW)

Last Saturday, Derek Ruble of Indianapolis emerged from a field of 248 to claim his first Tecmo Super Bowl world championship.

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