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Hawken acquired by APB: Reloaded dev after months of silence

APB: Reloaded developer Reloaded Games has acquired the rights to PC combat sim Hawken and will begin introducing a number of fixes to the game after almost a year of silence from its original owners, it was announced on Facebook.

"I'm pretty excited to now be able to announce that Reloaded Games is the new owner of Hawken," producer Joshua Clausen of Reloaded Games' parent company K2 Network wrote in a post on the game's official Facebook page. "It's a seriously great honor to be a part of the Hawken story, and I want to see it thrive."

The company will begin rolling out fixes, including issues with the game's password reset system, forums and back-end.

Meteor Entertainment, the original publisher of the PC combat game, closed its Seattle office in 2014 before consolidating operations into its Los Angeles studio. The company's then-CEO Mark Long would go on to step down from his position. Long joined the studio in 2011 after leaving the now-defunct Blacklight Retribution developer Zombie Entertainment where he was co-founder and CEO.

Hawken's open beta launched in 2012, before eventually transitioning to Steam via Early Access earlier last year. For more on Hawken's early development, check out Polygon's interview with the developers at Meteor.

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