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Banjo-Kazooie devs are bringing its spiritual successor to Kickstarter

The former-Rare developers at Playtonic will crowdfund a spiritual successor to the Banjo-Kazooie franchise, known only as "Project Ukulele," with plans to bring the project to Kickstarter in May, it was revealed during the Rezzed conference this weekend.

The studio also released the first in-engine screenshot for the game, which you can see above. Playtonic hopes to eventually create a universe of games where each character has the potential to be the star of their own title. The team is being coy about announcing the project's new characters, opting to hide them in the picture above instead.

"Our team's passion for our past games and the 3D platformer genre lead directly to the birth of Playtonic," said managing director and creative lead Gavin Price. "Through Project Ukulele fans will finally get to see those pent-up ideas and passion become reality.

"Since the announcement of our studio the reaction from the community has been absolutely incredible. Through consultation with them we've decided to greatly expand the scope of our project with the launch of a Kickstarter program. By working together with fans we're confident we'll be able to create a game that not matches their expectations, but one which hops, flips and soars above them."

No release window has been offered just yet, although Playtonic says the game's release will not hinge on crowdfunding. According to the studio, the game will launch regardless of crowdfunding success, adding that Kickstarter could simply allow for the game to become something larger.

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