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Dead Rising 2 makes the jump to Steamworks this week

Capcom's Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record will make the long-awaited transition from Games for Windows Live to Steamworks this week, according to an official announcement posted to Capcom Unity. That means the two Dead Rising games will soon get Steam perks like trading cards, leaderboards and Steam Achievements, while shedding its reliance on GFWL.

Players who previously purchased a copy of Dead Rising 2 or Off the Record will be able to get a Steam copy for free, but only if they purchased the retail version of the game. Players won't be able to transfer copies purchased digitally direct from the Games for Windows Live Marketplace, nor will they be able to transfer DLC purchases to Steam.

It's not clear why Capcom is unable to transfer digital purchases made through the GFWL Marketplace to Steamworks, as games like Dark Souls and BioShock 2 made the transition to Steam without similar restrictions. We've reached out to Capcom for more details.

Capcom says the Games for Windows Live versions of Dead Rising 2 and Off the Record will continue to be playable on Microsoft's service. The publisher announced it was transitioning the two Dead Rising games from GFWL to Steam — along with Resident Evil 5 — last September.

Steamworks integration for Dead Rising 2 and Off the Record will be available Tuesday, March 17.

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