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Microsoft and Tencent are bringing League of Legends to Windows 10 (update)

Microsoft announced today a partnership with games behemoth Tencent that will see popular multiplayer battle arena game League of Legends come to Windows 10 and the new Windows store.

Alongside this release will be a number of other titles connected with Tencent, including Cross Fire and Dungeon & Fighter on to the Windows 10 marketplace. The China-based company will offer a free upgrade to the new Microsoft operating system in an effort to reach "as many Chinese consumers as possible, as soon as possible."

The new partnership could bring Tencent-published games to be devices. Terry Myerson, head of Microsoft's operating systems division, announced Windows 10 during an event in San Francisco late last year. Windows 10 "will be our most comprehensive platform ever," said Myerson, and "will run on the broadest types of devices ever."

Windows 10 is said to offer a "one application platform" across a variety of devices including smartphones, tablets, laptop computers, desktop PCs and more.

Polygon has reached out to Riot Games for details on whether the game's Windows 10 release will see League of Legends playable on new devices.

Update: Riot Games has responded to Polygon, stating the company is only focused on developing League of Legends on Windows PC and Mac systems. "Today's announcement mentioning League of Legends has generated a lot of speculation in the LoL player community," a Riot Games representative told Polygon. "We'd like to clarify that our focus is on making sure League plays great on Mac and PC. No plans for console, mobile or other platforms at this time."

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