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Watch the new Spock, Zachary Quinto, remember Leonard Nimoy

The passing of actor and icon Leonard Nimoy has inspired kind words and remembrances from those who knew him best, to those who never met him at all. Among those saying goodbye is actor Zachary Quinto, who picked up the mantle of Spock in the Star Trek reboot films.

In a recent segment on Conan, which you can watch above, Quinto took the time to speak briefly about his friend.

"We were very, very close," Quinto said. "Losing him was really difficult, obviously, but I feel so grateful that I knew him and he was such an instrumental figure in my life. And he lived a beautiful life, and a full life."

Conan, too, takes the time to remember Nimoy by reflecting on his time working on The Simpsons and an episode in which Nimoy appeared in cameo.

"He stood for and stands for such an ideal," Quinto concludes of Nimoy.

"We should all be so lucky to live half a fulfilled life as he did."

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