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How to troll your friends with Bowser graffiti in Mario Party 10

Mario Party 10's three main modes are designed for the three different types of Mario Party players in the world. There's your basic Mario Party, which is modeled after the last game in the series — everyone shares one vehicle that they ride around the map, trying to scoot through goal posts to earn points. There's Amiibo Party, which more closely resembles the classic star-buying version of the game, only with physical, touchable e-toys. And then there's Bowser Party, which is designed for people who hate four of their friends, and want to air that hatred in no uncertain terms.

There's a world of difference between these three modes, so we'd recommend checking out the Overview video posted above to get a primer. Mario Party 10 launches on Wii U this Friday.

Watch Mario Party 10 - Gameplay Overview on YouTube

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