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Come watch an amazing Eve: Valkyrie trailer, 'filmed' in virtual reality

This trailer for Eve: Valkyrie premiered at Fanfest in Iceland today, and it brought the house down. As is the custom for trailers during Fanfest, they played it twice. The audience lost their collective mind both times.

This is a three minute, live cut of the single-player version of the game, captured by someone wearing a virtual reality headset. We were told it took a few attempts to get right, and it's certainly a different way to put together a trailer.

The player's eyes are basically a camera, and not only did things have to happen at the right time, the person wearing the headset had to be sure to be looking in the right direction. While the major events in the demo are scripted, the actions of the enemies are not; the AI just went and did its thing.

This doesn't exactly give you an idea of what the actual game feels like, but it comes much closer than a traditional trailer. This may be what we can expect from future trailers of virtual reality demos. Enjoy!