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Battlefield Hardline offers four DLC expansions over the next year

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Battlefield Hardline will have a DLC campaign stretching into early 2016, according to Electronic Arts' announcement of an all-you-can-eat premium service for the game that delivers all the DLC plus other perks and features.

Battlefield Hardline's four expansion packs will be:

  • Criminal Activity, releasing in the summer.
  • Robbery, releasing in the summer.
  • Getaway, releasing in the fall.
  • Betrayal, releasing in early winter 2016.

The $50 premium subscription will offer early access for two weeks to all of the expansions, a legendary status that provides replayability of the entire progression system, visual customization options for their weapons, premium-only tournaments and multiplayer events, priority position in server queues, and a lot more. Full details may be read here.

Battlefield Hardline, the cops-and-robbers variant on EA's military shooter franchise, launches March 17. A second public beta attracted more than 7 million players. For more on Battlefield Hardline, see Polygon's latest preview of the game.

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