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New Too Many Cooks stars Bill Clinton, China, screaming Howard Dean and demon sheep

Someone at CNN deserves a big fat raise.

The network just put out a new take on the insanely popular, insanely insane Too Many Cooks short created by Casper Kelly for Adult Swim.

The original was a send-up of television introductions that featured references to more than 30 television shows and movies including Alf, Family Ties, Twin Peaks and Jason X. The remake appears to have been put together mostly of stock footage from political ads and interviews, so it is packed to the gills with politicians doing odd things. And it turns out that's a perfect match for the original audio, which remains.

Make sure you stay till the end which, like the original, has a pretty glorious pay off.

If you missed the original, you can see that right here. You can also read about how that original was created here.

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