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VideoBrains brings intelligent gaming talks to London on March 30

London-based video games conference VideoBrains is returning this month to the city's Meltdown games pub on March 30, with an evening of 15-minute talks on non-player characters in games.

Entry to this month's event is just £5, which will give you access to talks including Ben Meredith's "All the Game's a Stage (And those Statues and that Mountain merely Characters)," Helen Gould's "Sworn to carry our burdens: Avoiding terrible NPCs," Sean Smith's "I like not fair terms and a villain's mind," Florencia Minuzzi and Dustin Connor's "Writing and Designing NPCs: Things to consider in a narrative heavy game" and Thryn Henderson's "RNG Friendships, or Why I Love Blathers".

VideoBrains is a monthly conference that offers games developers, journalists and players the opportunity to speak about gaming and games culture. Event organizer Jake Tucker is currently taking submissions for future talks, telling us he aims to reach out and develop pitches with "voices you might not hear that often." Previous talks, he tells us, have focused on deleted scenes of Deus Ex, adventures in retro console development, as well as the relationship between narrative and theater in gaming.

Tickets to the event are available via Eventbrite. In the meantime you can get a taste of what the conference has in store in the video below.