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Daredevil's new teaser shows off cast, hints at red costume

This quick teaser is full of small details, so hit that fullscreen button!

You've got Stark Tower in the background, the current headquarters of the Avengers, providing a subtle reminder that Netflix's Daredevil is a part of Marvel's extended cinematic universe. A very different part.

Avengers Tower

Mat Murdock, Daredevil himself (played by Charlie Cox), walks slowly towards us, while various series castmembers hang out around the edges of the screen. For example, Foggy Nelson hails a cab on the far left. Played by Elden Henson (veteran of The Mighty Ducks), the relatively hapless Foggy is Matt's partner in the firm of Nelson & Murdock. Vincent D'Onofrio delivers the beginning of the teaser's monologue as he steps out of the black SUV on the right, referencing Wilson "Kingpin" Fisk's plans for the apparently-crime-ridden neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen.

This may come as something of an adjustment for modern New Yorkers, as the actual neighborhood is currently undergoing a big real estate boom and accompanying gentrification. But when Daredevil was first created, and when many of his most iconic stories were written, Hell's Kitchen wasn't exactly the kind of place you'd take tourists for an ice cream sandwich. It appears that in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the neighborhood has not changed much since the days in which its tenements were ruled by Irish and Italian gangs.

But perhaps the clip's most interesting tease is right at Matt Murdoc's feet: his reflection in the asphalt, clearly depicting him in costume as Daredevil. But which costume is it?

The entire first season of Daredevil is only three weeks away, and we still haven't seen hide or hair or tiny horn of his usual red suit, just lots of clips of him in a black, ninja-like getup.

Daredevil Black Costume

That's not entirely odd for Daredevil, as the guy has fought a lot of ninjas over the course of his career, but lots of fans are wondering when, if ever, the classic costume will show up. After all, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is already full of high tech armor suits, Asgardian chainmail, and even Captain America's bright red and blues. Matt Murdock has decent inspiration to connect "colorful costume" with "fighting crime," where shows like Arrow have used their character's relative isolation from flashy super-powered heroes to downplay the character's more "colorful" elements.

Not to worry: Series creators have confirmed that the black, ninja-like number Matt Murdock has been seen in so far will give way to the red over the course of the series. Are we perhaps getting an early glimpse of it in this teaser? It certainly does look like the reflection is somewhat shinier than the matte suit we've seen so far, and maybe with just a hint of horns?

Daredevil Red

Whatever it is that's in that puddle, there's only three weeks until all thirteen episodes of Daredevil hit Netflix, ready for binge-watching, not to mention setting the scene for Marvel's three other Netflix series about street-level superheroes. Daredevil, AKA Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist are all planned for separate series, culminating in a straight-to-Netflix teamup movie under the name The Defenders.

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