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Here's proof tournaments in virtual reality look just as bonkers as you'd imagine

Eve: Valkyrie is one of the most exciting virtual reality games in development right now, and during Fanfest in Iceland CCP organized a quick tournament of the best player-versus-player combatants on both the Serenity and Tranquility tournament. The more formal tournament was later in the day, but this short video will give you some idea of how weird the situation looks as a spectator.

What's fascinating about this setup is that the pressure of the crowd is removed entirely; each player is locked inside the world of the game is likely barely aware that there are other people in the room. The action was shown on the big screen, with all 10 players sitting against one wall on a raised platform, looking around as they tried to kill the other team.

It was like something out of science fiction, as the virtual combatants zoom around in virtual reality, locked inside their own versions of the battlefield. The rest of us watched from outside, but it's possible that viewers in the future will be able to spectate in virtual reality as well, effectively becoming their own camera people.

We still don't know exactly how virtual reality will fit into our daily lives, or if it will at all, but events like this show how the technology changes how we think of situations like gaming tournaments.

If you'd like to see better video of the game in action, here's the latest Valkyrie trailer, which was "filmed" in virtual reality.