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Halo 5 teaser site reveals new episodic series in search of Master Chief's origins

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A Halo 5: Guardians teaser website that has been counting down to a reveal over the weekend has finally unlocked the first episode in a weekly audio-only series.

The site introduces a fictional journalist and war photographer called Benjamin Giraud who is "hired to do an in-depth profile of the Master Chief." The first of these episodic investigations, Episode 00: Primer, can be listened to via SoundCloud below.

"What began as a high-profile hero story quickly turns into a full-blown investigation. Sources claim they know the 'real Master Chief': The boy, the soldier, the hero ... the traitor? But who's telling the truth?," reads a synopsis on the series' official Tumblr. According to the Halo universe journalist, the series will follow his search for the origins of "modern-day superhero Master Chief."

It's unclear whether the episodic story will double as an alternate reality game or exist simply as its own narrative. The Halo series has a history of experimental marketing campaigns, most notably with the "I Love Bees" ARG for Halo 2. The viral campaign saw players investigate a website called that appeared to be hacked by a mysterious intelligence. In doing so, players would solve puzzles, while audio logs made available through the site slowly revealed a hidden narrative.

Much of Halo 5: Guardians' story remains a mystery, but you can watch its debut trailer below for a teasing glimpse into what's headed to Xbox One later this year.