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Mini doc explores the phenomenal gaming skills of a handless League of Legends player

Massimiliano Secho, better known in League of Legends circles as the Handless Gamer, has a straight forward philosophy: "No limbs? No problem."

Secho is the star of a new Razer documentary releasing digitally today, but you may already recognise him. He has cultivated a vlogger following on his YouTube channel where he's created a series of videos that pushes the physical limits of gaming. Secho was born without hands and despite this he's reached the upper echelons of Leagueentirely with his foot.

Razer began working with Secho after discovering how he's used Razer technology to overcome his handicap. "His story isn't just about perseverance and inspiration  it's about something bigger," says Razer.

You can check out Razer's mini-documentary with the Handless Gamer in his hometown of Sassari, Sardinia below.

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