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Dota 2 player recreates Valve's rejected character concept in-game

Dota 2 player MaxOfS2D has created a working model for a "failed" character concept designed by Valve, and it's pretty amazing. Take a look below.

Valve first offered fans a look at rejected concept designs for the highly anticipated Faceless Void remodel over the weekend. The character remodel was offered as a compendium reward during last year's Dota 2 International.

The Valve team had quite a few re-design options to work with, including a wand-bearing dinosaur interpretation of Faceless Void and my personal favourite: Lobster Void.

Unfortunately Valve has strict guidelines regarding what hero creations enter the game. Heroes have to fit the game's lore, for one, so it's unlikely we'll see this Faceless Void creation anywhere beyond a player mod.

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