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Twitch Plays Pokémon finally captures every last original monster

Twitch Plays Pokemon has reached new heights of impressiveness and absurdity with all 151 original Pokemon now captured by the thousands of gamers controlling a single game of Pokemon on the streaming platform.

This edition of the social experiment began earlier in the year, offering a slight twist on earlier iterations. Players were tasked with working together to play a single game of Pokemon Red which was modified to include all original 151 Pokemon, including the rare Mew.

It's taken 39 days for Twitch users to capture them all. You can watch as the players get the final necessary Pokemon, Mewtwo, in the video below.

Speaking with Polygon last year, the stream's original creator, an Australian programmer who wishes to remain anonymous, explained that there currently is no end in sight for the frantic stream.

"I intend on running the stream for as long as it still has an active following," the creator said.

After beating Pokemon Red for the first time, Twitch Plays Pokemon moved on to Pokemon Crystal and Pokemon Emerald, and many others since.

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