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Bloodsports TV turns slaughtering a village into a fun reality show MOBA

Think of Bloodsports TV as a one-sided MOBA, a hero defense game where you play the villain. Due out on March 30 for $10, Toadman Interactive's top-down game has players defending a missile silo from waves of attacking enemies. The thing is, you're the bad guys. If you survive a wave of those enemies (actually people trying to save their village), the show launches a missile at the hamlet, killing everyone. The Fatshark published game takes place in the Krater universe and has eight gladiators to choose from, six arenas and more than 90 items that can be purchased during a session. You can also level up your characters permanently through the game's "Path to Glory." Bloodsports TV is a cooperative-only game that supports up to five players and drop-in, drop-out play.