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Bloodborne guide: Blood-Starved Beast boss fight

The Blood-Starved Beast is the third boss you'll fight in Bloodborne, and it's a tricky one, too. They move pretty erratically, and have a few attack animations that look incredibly similar, which make predicting its actions a chore. The good news: You can interrupt a few of their attacks with a well-timed Blunderbuss shot, leaving them open to a Visceral Attack. The bad news: As the fight goes on, the Blood-Starved Beast starts secreting poison, which can easily kill you if you're not stocked up on Antidotes.

Check out the video guide posted above to learn a few tricks for taking down the Blood-Starved Beast, and stay tuned for more videos showing how to beat Bloodborne's baddest foes.

Click here to return to our full Bloodborne guide.

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