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Convoy, a wonderful mash-up of FTL and Mad Max, hits April 21, watch it in action

Fans of classic Steve Jackson title Car Wars turned video game Autoduel rejoice, there's a new ride in town.

Convoy is a bitsy mash-up of roguelike FTL and Mad Max. The game has players searching the wastelands of some future planet in an armed and armored big rig for parts to a recently crashed spaceship.

You can mix and match weapons on your massive rig as well as upgrading the truck. You can also purchase customizable escort vehicles. Once you get into combat, you can't actually guide the Main Convoy Vehicle, but you can use its weapons against attacking raiders. You can also fully control your escort vehicles. The real-time battles can get overwhelming quickly. Fortunately, you can pause and issue commands at any time.

While the combat is the big draw here, you'll also be exploring the randomized planet for gear, responding to radio signals and hunting down raiders. All of the story behind your exploration is delivered in classic text adventure style.

Overlaying the entire game is a three-faction system, each with unique vehicles and weapons. And if you accidentally tip the balance between the three groups things could get pretty dangerous for you.

It's a delightful $15 game (and the product of a successful Kickstarter) with a few kinks to work out before its April 21 release on PC and Mac through Steam. Linux is expected down the line. The video above comes from a build of a game that hasn't been finalized yet.

Enjoy the explosions.


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