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The mall rat turned hero: Learn about the origins of Jubilation Lee

We now know that Marvel fan-favorite Jubilee will make an appearance in 2016's X-Men: Apocalypse, and that actor Lana Condor will be playing her.

This is all great news, especially since Hollywood has a bit of a history when it comes to casting white actors in Asian roles. But who exactly is Jubilation Lee? If you didn't watch the 90s-era cartoon, and shame on you, why do you care?

The video above does a great job of explaining the origins of the character, and those origins do tend to involve mall cops in a variety of roles, admittedly. Jubilee's relationship with Wolverine, which began in the cartoon when she blasted him in the Danger Room to help Gambit, was one of the most interesting aspects of how she fit into the X-Men, but the idea of Wolverine's surrogate daughter was taken over by Rogue in the early Bryan Singer-directed X-Men movies.

Jubilee was always a fun character, from her sense of style to her ability to create light and sound out of thin air. She was a 90s-era mall rat turned into a super hero, which made her much more real to many of us in the audience in relation to the beings of great power with centuries-long backstories we were used to.

In the cartoon she worked as a kind of stand-in for the audience as she was introduced, rather violently for a kid's show, into the world of mutants and sentinels. Let's hope the movie does a good job of bringing her into the fold.

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