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Bloodborne guide: Where to farm for Blood Echoes and Vials

Caution: There's a boss name and area spoiler ahead.

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If you've made some progress in Bloodborne, but are having difficulty taking down a particular boss, or if you're just a few thousand Echoes short of affording that new weapon, check out the farming route in the video above. To access it, you'll need to have beaten the Witches of Hemwick, a boss you'll find in the Hemwick Charnel Lane. Having an upgraded weapon will speed things along too, as will equipping the Echo-increasing Moon rune and Discovery-boosting Eye rune.

The route, which is outlined in the video, can net you over 11,000 Blood Echoes — as well as a pile of Blood Vials and upgrade Shards — in about two minutes. If you're having trouble taking down the Brutes in the route, equip a heavy weapon and open up your combos by jump-attacking them, which is a pretty reliable way to break their guard.

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