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Xbox One gets voice messaging this April

Xbox One systems will receive voice messaging as part of the console's April firmware update, according to further details about the patch made available by Microsoft today.

This week, Xbox One dashboard preview testers will be able to test out the new voice messaging system that allows users to leave audio clips in their friends' inboxes. This feature will be made available to all Xbox One owners soon.

Interestingly, this will allow both Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners to exchange voice messages regardless of what platform they use.

Also coming in next month's update is a new What's On section for the dashboard, which will feature games and series tailored to you. Finally, dedicated servers will be made available to those struggling with party chat connections.

Earlier this month Major Nelson revealed just a few of the changes coming to Xbox One in April, including changes to party chat and achievement apps. You can check that out in detail here.