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Flash stars sing gospel version of Firefly's theme song, and it's amazing

This is a strange story, but I promise the payoff is worth it.

Jesse L. Martin plays Detective Joe West on the CW show The Flash, but he's also Kickstarting a 10 minute historical short film called The Letter Carrier. The story in that short is told via music, and Flash co-stars Carlos Valdes and Rick Cosnett are also involved with the project.

Jesse L. Martin originated the role of Tom Collins on Rent, so he has a bit of history when it comes to musical theater.

Joss Whedon, director of a little film called The Avengers and the creator of Firefly, tweeted about the campaign and backed it himself. His tweet has 458 retweets and 622 favorites so far; when Whedon says something, people listen.

This exposure was likely a large help in getting Martin's project funded. The result?

The three actors sang a beautiful version of the theme of Firefly as a thank you to Whedon. This could win you a row in either super hero or musical theater bingo, and the resulting version of the song is quite beautiful

This is a great story on which to start Friday. I didn't expect to wake up and begin hoping for a musical Flash episode, but here we are. Enjoy!

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